Thursday, March 18, 2010

VERY Exciting News

Drumroll, please.......I am potty-trained!!!! Mommy never really pushed the issue and held the belief that when I was ready, I would be ready, although she was beginning to doubt that theory. Guess what? I am READY! She has talked about it for a long while, stocked my drawer with panties, even made a couple of attempts. On Sunday, we tried again. I stayed dry all day, but then when I needed to go, I sat on the potty and just couldn't...we did this for about three hours. I got up and down about 100 times until I finally went. Based on Mommy and Daddy's reaction, you would have thought I had just walked on the moon. There hasn't been any looking back. It was like MAGIC! Mommy realizes that there are lots of changes ahead with the move (no, we haven't moved into the new house yet - we will...eventually!) and my new school, so there may be some regression. We are just thrilled, ecstatic, celebrating this current state of events.

And, yes, there are photos (Daddy disapproved greatly), but I'll spare you.


The Kading Family said...

Max says he is so excited for you Victoria!!!! Yea girl!!!

GB said...

How wonderful! Go Victoria!!!

RJ and CJ said...

You Rock, Victoria!

Your Friend Richard