Monday, September 27, 2010

A Thought from Barbie

I am a male cat named BARBIE and I occasionally have to wear a Hello Kitty necklace...

...but it is soooo worth it to live here and be loved!

V for Victoria


One of my new words last week was MATCH. I had new jammies, and the top has an octupus with a flower in its hair. When I looked at it, I hopped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. Mommy assumed I wanted to see it in the mirror, but instead I retrieved a little mermaid from the bathtub. She also has a flower in her hair. I held it up to my shirt and said, "Match!" Each new word is celebrated because it is only achieved after much hard work. This spontaneous word was especially exciting - so exciting that Mommy gave me one of my Christmas presents early...matching dresses for my doll and me!

Ah...Cooler Weather

We stepped outside this morning to find it quite brisk, even cold, at least compared to the weather we have been having. Mommy and I both had an extra skip in our steps all day. We played in the pumpkins at H.E.B., and when we got home from school, we played outside - making "cakes" in the sandbox, chasing butterflies, running with the kitty... We later went to Maudie's just so we could sit on the patio and enjoy the cooler weather - and some yummy Mexican food.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

New Playset

My friends ordered a new playset, with the notion that it would take an afternoon to put together. My daddy warned them that he had put together a Sears A-frame set years ago, that it was lots more work than anticipated and suggested they pay someone to do it. Abbie and Aiden's Daddy really wanted to do it, though. He found out the hard way that he should have listened to the older, wiser Daddy. After a few days of hard work, with others pitching in to help, the finished product is quite impressive and FUN! I got invited over for a playdate to try it out.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Special Quilt

Mommy saved lots of clothes from my first year, with the intention of having a quilt made. She finally found someone to do it, got it all organized and off to the quilter. We recently received it, and it's absolutely INCREDIBLE! In addition to my clothes, the shirt Mommy wore to the hospital, my swaddles and my receiving blankets are pieced in there, too. The sashing between the squares is made from my crib sheets. The photos don't do it justice - It's absolutely INCREDIBLE! Mommy can remember me in each of the outfits or nestled in the blankets. It will be a prized possession around here!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Princess and the Pea

The Princess and the Pea was one of the first books someone gave me as a baby. I still want it read to me and have read many other versions also. The Scottish Rite Children's Theater put on the play, with a twist, of course. I dressed up in my finest princess attire to attend the event.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

First Stitches

Tonight I fell and busted open my chin. Daddy was traveling and couldn't give his opinion (although when called he said, "TAKE HER NOW!) on whether the injury warranted a trip to the emergency clinic. I ended up needing four stitches, so the right call was made. Mommy was surprisingly calm throughout the whole process, although she was internally quite upset. She is not one to get faint at the sight of blood, but it was a whole new experience for her to have it coming from ME. I was a real trooper! I walked in and up to the counter and told the ladies, "My boo-boo hurts." They put some numbing gel on it for a while before giving me the shot. It wasn't until they started the stitching that I started crying, probably because I was being held down. I kept saying, "I need you, Mommy!". Another doctor came in while this was happening and leaned over me to take a look. In true Victoria form, I immediately stopped crying, smiled and said. "HI!" and then was fine while the rest was done. Mommy and I were both happy to get home and safely tucked in our beds. Hopefully these were the first and LAST stitches!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

One-Sided Relationship

I just LOVE my new cat Barbie!

The feeling is not mutual, though.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Class Picture Day

Mommy dressed me in my fancy school dress, fixed my hair and sent me to school reminding me to smile for the camera (as if she needs to remind me of that!). We'll post the finished product when we get it, but here are some we took before we left this morning.

It's Raining, It's Pouring

Wow! We received about ten inches of rain earlier this week. It just kept raining and raining and raining...which caused the side of the hill on our road to wash into the road and another main road to buckle...which caused an extra hour of travel time to school. I did get to wear my rain boots and carry my umbrella, though!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

New Class Pets

We got not one, but two, new class pets today. They are hamsters (supposed to be both boys) and oh so cute. We brainstormed names and then choose from the list. My classmates decided on Buzz and Woody. I wanted Barbie and Barbie - do you see a trend here????

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Aggie Football 2010





Road Trip Movie

We're Here!

Daddy and Me

Just Chillin'

Watching the Game

By 4th Quarter (or sometimes the 2nd), I have moved on to other activities.

Into my jammies for the ride home...

Yesterday was the opening game of the 2010 season. Believe it or not, this is my fourth year of attending the games. Just look how I have grown over the years!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Daddy's Last Day of Radiation

Back in June, when we were told Daddy needed nine weeks of radiation therapy, it seemed like the end was so far. Today, he had his last treatment! Mommy and I sent the staff some warm cookies for taking such good care of him. We are very grateful for their care and treatment (except that one time they gave him someone else's dose of radiation!). Now, the doctor says we have to wait, for three whole months to see if it was successful. I am certain that is was!!

Barbie is a Boy!

Our new kitten went to the vet this morning. The vet informed us that a better name for this male cat would have been KEN, not Barbie. It's too late, though. I am not budging from my original name, so he'll just have to be extra tough to handle the teasing she, no he, will no doubt receive.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Meet Barbie

Along with his six kids, my Uncle Randy showed up yesterday with a kitten for me. I, of course, named her Barbie. Since she is used to being around kids, dogs...she is super laid back and completely unfazed by my three-year-old energy.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Julia and James

Last year I got a new cousin, David. He came all the way from Latvia and became part of our family when my Uncle Randy and Aunt Amanda adopted him. This summer they adopted two more children, James and Julia, this time from Ukraine (bringing their grand total to six kids!). They had some adoption paperwork to handle in Austin, so the whole family came for a visit. We had a cake made with their photo and a "Welcome to the Family" caption. We swam, played, ate cake and had a good time getting acquainted.