Thursday, April 30, 2009

Recharging my Battery

This is the only time I am still!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It Was Bound to Happen

I am sure lots of kids my age know what the "golden arches" mean, but I have been sheltered from the McDonald's experience...until now. I had my first Happy Meal, but don't tell Daddy!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Strawberry Shortcake

Mommy and I made some strawberry jam with the strawberries we picked last week. It was a bit runny, though, so we used it as a sauce on strawberry shortcakes instead.

Two Years and Three Months

Dearest Victoria Pearl,
Your growth over the past month has been unmistakable. You are much more goal-oriented in your play. You know which toy, stuffed animal, book you want and off you go to search for it to include it in your planned activity. I can see just the wheels turning in your head! Although you still have periods where you want to be attached to me (literally!), you are becoming more independent, especially when other kids are around to play with.
You have started enjoying sitting at the table to eat dinner. You grab our hands to say the prayer before our meal, give us kisses and then we eat and talk about our day. Well, we talk and ask you questions, to which you respond mostly "no" - that is until the question is, "Do you want dessert?" The answer to that question is always "yes". You have also started eating some fruits and vegetables. That's all I will say about that because I don't want to jinx it!
You have always loved dolls and babies, but I would say you are officially obsessed with them right now. You recognize when a woman is pregnant and know there is a baby in her tummy. You recently saw a picture from last year of you holding a doll. You knew right away that it wasn't one of the (many) dolls in your room and wanted to know where that doll was. We found it tucked away in a drawer, so she is out and back in rotation, getting extra attention to make up for those months of deprivation.
Your loving nature is evident when you care for those dolls, but also when you interact with people. During our recent parent-teacher conference, your teacher reported that you are the star sharer of the class. You can hear other children mention a toy or book, and you will go get it and bring it to them. Your teacher also reports that you have a longer attention span for activities and are trying things that are difficult for you. You can recognize your name and several letters of the alphabet (your favorite letter is still Z). You love school - it's the one place you don't mind when I leave.
You still aren't saying many words, but you are making progress. You are putting the words you know together in short phrases and are trying more single words and sounds. You are also using more inflection, so it is clear when you are simply making a statement or asking a question. You chatter constantly, so I know when the words come, you will be talking my ear off!
Your favorite television show is Max & Ruby and your favorite books at the moment are Naughty Little Monkeys and Fibblestax. You still hate brushing your teeth. We have watched a Barney video about oral hygiene, bought new brushes, different flavored toothpastes, tried stickers and stamps, but none of it has worked. I hope it's just a phase! Your hair is growing and can even be worn in pigtails.
You are a bundle of energy and bring life and laughter to our home. Always know that you are cherished and loved.
Hugs and kisses,

Saturday, April 25, 2009


If you unroll all the paper towels, they cannot be put back on, no matter how hard you try. When that happens, distract Mommy from the mess by reminding her how precious you look with your hair in ponytails.

Budding Artist

We have an art station at school, with different papers/brushes/textures, etc...each week. Art has never been too high on my priority list, so it's not unusual for my cubbie to hold artwork with one swipe of a brush or one small dot from a crayon. Mommy cherishes them, saving each and every one. This week's work took the cake, though. Don't look too closely for something, because it's not there. Apparently, even though I hadn't made a mark on the paper, I insisted my name be put in the corner and placed it in my cubbie for Mommy.

Thursday, April 23, 2009


Aunt Amanda and Dzo just moments after they were reunited

Mommy's brother, my Uncle Randy, with Dzo

Aunt Amanda and Dzo walking on the Baltic Sea at sunset - pretty cool!

Those of you who have read my blog for a while may remember reading about a new cousin I am getting. My Uncle Randy and Aunt Amanda are in Latvia right now and will soon bring Dzo home to Texas (Aggieland, no less!). He is ten years old and has been living with a foster family there with six other kids. Here, he will have three siblings - my cousins Aidan, Garland and Anna. He is so excited and so are we! He is just learning English, but doing great (much better than I am, but that's for another day). Here's what he wrote in an email yesterday:

"I like dadde play of me baskedbal and I like it is funny and thank you dad for my bal. Aidan is my brather and anna banana is my sister and garland is my sister and skeet and lucey ar my dogs. Mom and dad it my femaly."
Welcome to our family, Dzo!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Target is Terrific!

We love Target. The dollar aisle is strategically placed right by the front door. Some people may resist the lure of the trinkets there, but not us. Where do you think I got my flower crown or these cool polka-dot, scalloped red sunglasses?

Future Chef?

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Mommy loves to cook and bake. She always tried to include me in her kitchen tasks, but I was never very interested. Now, I like to break the eggs in the bowl (although I am never satisfied with just one or two - I want to break them all!), put the coffee in the coffee pot (and on the counter) and help when she bakes cakes. Another example of be careful what you wish for, Mommy!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sweet Berry Farm

Holding Max's Hand

We made it!

I was a good picker - for a short while!

My legs are almost buried and Mommy's taking a photo!

I forgave her

My Friend Max

Tripp and Gaby Looking for the Best Spot

Our Loot!

Today my friends Tripp, Gaby, Max and I went to Sweet Berry Farm in Marble Falls to pick strawberries. I rode with my friend Max, and we held hands in the back seat (he has a DVD player in his car - how cool)! When we got there, we saw fields with rows and rows of strawberries. I picked about five (strawberries, not rows), but Mommy helped me, so we brought home enough to make something...maybe strawberry shortcakes or jam. There were also horses, goats and lots of MUD. I just happened to find the muddiest spot on the entire acreage and fell in. Mommy had to strip me down and wash me off with a water hose. She says my clothes are so dirty that if OxyClean wipes out the mud, she is writing them a letter! After getting (somewhat) clean, we picked a few more strawberries, sat under some trees and ate lunch and went for rides in their little red wagons. What a fun morning!
Let's see, last Monday was Sea was Sweet Berry Farm...I wonder what Mommy will have planned for us next Monday!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Daddy Time

I see his car!

Welcome Home, Daddy!

Let me get a good look at you!

To show Daddy how excited I was that he was home, I gave him a
mini-pedicure while he unpacked.

My Daddy has been gone all week. Every day I woke up and asked, "Where's Daddy?" to which Mommy responded that Daddy was at work and would be back later in the week. I would break into tears (for approximately 10 seconds, but it was heartfelt)...well, later is here and Daddy is home! Although he'll be gone again all next week, I am going to enjoy him this weekend!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Flavors

For the past two years, two months and twenty days, I have been a challenge in the eating department. The current issue is I don't like fruits and vegetables, so Mommy purees them and sneaks them in my food. She always serves the real stuff on my plate also, with the hope that I will eat some. I am proud to report that I am now eating BROCCOLI and BANANAS! One day I hated them so much I didn't even want them on my plate and the next day I decided I love them. It is so much fun to leave Mommy and Daddy guessing what I'll do next!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Sea World

Hat? Check

Scoping out the map during a break

Mommy and Me

Enjoying the Show

The Whale Show "Believe"
A Clydesdale Horse

The only Big Bird I saw!

A Dolphin Swimming

My Souvenir Horse

What do you do on a day when the temperature is 75 and there's not a cloud in the sky? You head to San Antonio to go to Sea World, of course, so that's what Mommy and I did today. We watched the sea lion and whale shows. I was a great audience member...I clapped and laughed at all the appropriate times. We also saw dolphins, penguins, Clydesdale horses, flamingos...We missed the Big Bird show because it started too late. Even without that big yellow bird, I had a great time!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Bunny Cake

My cousins - Kelli, Kristi and Katie

Uncle Randy, Aunt Amanda, Aidan, Garland & Anna

Put the orange ones back, right, Mommy and Daddy??

I have BUNNIES on my dress!!!!

Sitting at the kids' table

Garland pulling Anna and me in the wagon.

The busy day made for a smooth ride home!

Today we traveled to Bryan to join Mommy's family to celebrate Easter. It was our job to bring desserts, so I helped Mommy make two cakes (including the 2nd annual bunny cake) yesterday. I was quite a sight today! Mommy said it was as if I grew up overnight. I was so independent - I played with my cousins, sat at the kids' table to eat, participated in my first Easter egg hunt (as opposed to the sideline action I have done in the past), and fell and busted my lip (really good!), barely skipping a beat. It was a fun day and further evidence that I am growing up!