Monday, September 28, 2009

Thirty-Two Months Old

Dearest Victoria Pearl,

This month was soooo much easier than last month. You are back to your normal self, mostly happy. Yeah!!!!

You started your second year at the Lab School. I continue to watch you from the observation room every chance I get. You have had more difficulty separating from me this year than last, but you don't want me far from you at any time, so it's just what you do. You calm down within a couple of minutes and always have a good day, playing, drawing, and singing. Your reaction when you see me at pick-up is priceless. You run into my arms, hold my face in your hands and then kiss it all over, and finish with a big hug and back pats. It makes me feel so loved.

You know how to work a room. You are the greeter and then the hugger. I know I should probably put some boundaries on this "hug anyone - stranger or friend" behavior, but it really is just so sweet. It demonstrates your warm, welcoming nature, and I don't want to stifle that.

You have started to use your version of PLEASE - hands together, cupped on the side of your ever-so-slightly tilted face as you say "eeez". It's so precious and makes us realize we are in trouble because we have a hard time telling you no (especially your daddy).

You are enjoying the Aggie football games again this year. When you hear The War Hymn or see the tickets on the desk or your Aggie dress, you immediately want to "go". When I explain that we have to wait a week or two, you just look deflated - shoulders hunched over as you walk away and then sit with your head in your hands (also new behavior and oh so dramatic). During the games, we are usually there 4-5 hours and you are a great little Aggie...

You are an even better daughter.

I love you,

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Handy Manny - The Soap Opera

As I was watching Handy Manny this weekend, here's the conversation going on between Mommy and Daddy:

D: Handy Manny just helped a single mom set up a camp site and then accepted her offer to camp with them. I don't think he should have done that.

M: What about Kelly (the owner of the tool store)?

D: Are he and Kelly an item?

M: Not officially, but they obviously like one another.

D: Here is he now helping an old fling from high school set up her art studio.

M: It's no wonder - Handy Manny has to be the most eligible bachelor in town. The only competition I know of is Mr. Lopart.

D: Kelly is offering to help Manny's high school friend, too. She doesn't seem jealous.

M: Like the old saying goes - keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

D: Why can no one in that town do anything? They call Manny to change lightbulbs. Even I can do that!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thanks, Daddy

Children make you want to start life all over again

-Muhammad Ali

Someone (also an older father) once told Daddy that having me would keep him young. Daddy jokingly(?) says he wonders when that effect will happen. I don't know if Daddy really thought about these years of his life or had ideas in his head about what he would be doing, but if he had thought about them, I guarantee you he never imagined he would be pushing a cow in a doll stroller or watching Max & Ruby instead of a football game. Thank you, Daddy, for starting over with me...and for watching M&R instead of the football game.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mischief Maker

When it is time for my nap, I either fall asleep within two minutes or I stay awake in my bed for an hour before finally falling asleep. On those days, Mommy listens to me on the monitor and wonders what I am doing. As you saw last week, one thing I do is gather everything that is not tied down in my room and place it in my bed. On this day, I got the wipes and proceeded to pull them all out of the box...which just happened to be new.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Whose Shoes?

Daddy works out every day. He is Mr. Faithful. Where's Daddy? He is at the gym. Mommy? Not so much...but last week Mommy had plans to go to the gym after dropping me off at school. As we were getting ready that morning, she asked me to hand her her shoes. I never dreamed the tennis shoes next to me were Mommy's, so I looked and looked all around me. Mommy was puzzled and kept saying, "They are right there," but I kept looking. Finally, Mommy picked them up and said, "Here are Mommy's shoes." I shook my head and said, "No - Daddy's." Hey, they weren't flip-flops, so I had no reason to think they were Mommy's!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Coming Home

Vaughan drew this picture for me. He explained it is the two of us on top of a rainbow about to slide down to the pot of gold at the bottom. Very nice...

Showing the boys the proper way to push a stroller

Ridin' the Rody

My friends Vaughan and Nash were in town this weekend and came over for a playdate...with good news. After eight months into their three-year-stint in Portland, they are moving back to Austin! They have lots to wrap up there, but they will be back very soon. We couldn't be more excited!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Hair by Connie

I have recently added having my hair brushed to my long list of two-year-old complaints. Only Connie could manage to get me to sit still long enough to put my hair in ponytails and braid them. I don't have much hair to work with, but Connie has special talent. Remember this do she did for me?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago, Mommy and Daddy had their first date at the Downtown Bar & Grill in Victoria. Mommy had recently bought a house, was teaching school and finishing her Master's degree. She was quite busy and perfectly content. Unbeknownest to either of them, Daddy had recently bought the house across the street from Mommy, was in his post-mid-life-crisis stage and busy with work. He was also perfectly content. A mutual friend insisted Daddy call Mommy. Daddy tried and tried to reach her, all the while not realizing he was calling just across the street. Somewhere along the way, he discovered she was a neighbor, finally reached her and convinced her to go on a date with him the following evening. It ended up not being a complete "blind" date because they ran into each other that following morning, while she was taking out the trash and he was coming back from a run. That evening the date lasted a few hours, with no lags in the conversation, the Astros playing on the television...simply a delightful time. Now, I would say that "the rest is history", but Mommy fought Daddy's pursuit for a while...well, there was a bit of an age difference to consider. Once Mommy got past that, then the "rest is history" part happened. For those of you who may not know, I am named Victoria because that is where Mommy and Daddy met and got married...perfectly fitting.

Special Blanket

Ready to come home for the first time - January 30, 2007

Looking at a photo of myself on that long ago

I'll always be Mommy's baby!

During an exploration this morning, I found this blanket. Most of the blankets I used when I was a baby, I now use for my dolls. This one; however, was not in my stash. It was tucked away in a drawer. Mommy explained that she made the blanket for me when she was pregnant with me. She lovingly and ever-so-gently wrapped me in it to take me home from the hospital. She showed me the photo of me on that day, and I insisted we reenact it. I then had fun running around the house with it draped over my shoulders and then on my head like a ghost (ALWAYS one of my favorite things to do!).

Saturday, September 12, 2009

How Many is Too Many?

I have continued to do well in my toddler bed. I sleep all night and take naps almost every day. Apparently, I am taking advantage of being able to get up out of it, though. Today after my nap, this is what Mommy found in my bed. Yes, I was somehow sleeping on top of all of it. It includes:
*seven dolls
*one pillow
*nine stuffed animals
*three blankets
*two books

Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Friend, Mr. Squirrel

Every day there is a squirrel sitting on the tree limb outside my window. Every day I scare him away with my excitement. He must like me, though, because he always comes back...well, that, or the fact that the tree is covered with acorns right now.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Night Night, Elmo

Mommy says when you live with a little one, you just never know what you will Elmo Live with a binky in his mouth. I must really love Elmo to give him my binky.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Puppy for Me

Daddy says I can get a puppy when I turn four. I am not sure how he arrived at that magic number, but it is ever-so-rapidly approaching. In the meantime, Kay brought me a little cake shaped and decorated like a puppy. Not only was it cute, it was delicious!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

First Aggie Game 2009

Family Portrait Before the Game

Mommy packed a "bag 'o tricks" to keep me busy during the game.

Watching Warm-Up

Taking it all in...

Me and Tripp 2009
Me and Tripp 2007

Tate wearing the outfit from above - was I really that small once upon a time??

Two Peas in a Pod

Kids make for an "interesting" game-watching experience!

This evening was the first Fightin' Texas Aggie game of the season. We traveled to Aggieland with our friends Jim and Kay for the game. Given my recent behavior, Mommy was a bit concerned about how I would handle the four+ hours that we were there. There was no need to worry, though, because I did just fine. I only had one episode where I desperately tried to covince Tripp that his blue bear was really MINE. By the way, the Aggies won...let's hope the next games will have the same outcome!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Knock Knock

I had the most wonderful surprise this morning. There was a knock at the door and Ms. Jennifer (Caroline's Mommy) appeared bearing a gift for me. Caroline is my friend who passed along the Disney Princess gowns that I only take off when Mommy absolutely makes me. They heard how much I loved them, so they got me some pink glittery crown barrettes to complete the outfit. Needless to say, I love them also and am thrilled my gowns will be accessorized.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Day of School

First Day of School 2008

My Artwork

Today was my first day back at the Priscilla Pond Flawn Child and Family Development Lab. Starting next week, I'll go on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-12, but today I only went for an hour with two other classmates. I cried when Mommy left, but lately that's just what I do. We have been attached at the hip all summer, so I just don't want to be away from her. Everyone says it's good for both of us. Mommy and I beg to differ...
There would be more photos, but Mommy dropped her other camera in the sandbox at my school, and now it won't work!