Saturday, May 22, 2010

First Dance Class

Mommy thought it would interest me to join a dance class, but my school schedule just wasn't compatible with any dance classes she found (sorry, Carissa, your dance studio would have been our first choice!). My friend Abbie takes dance class at the Little Gym and invited me to come along today to try it out. It's a really laid back class that gives a sampling of a couple types of dance, which is perfect for me. I have been working hard to develop age appropriate physical skills as a part of my therapy program, but I am taking the summer off from that and doing some activities that are just dance. In today's class I participated and listened well to the instructions...and looked SUPER CUTE doing the moves. Mommy signed me up and we immediately went and bought some tap and dance shoes. Thanks, Abbie, for taking good care of me and helping me!

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Tripp said...

Now that's the cutest thing ever.