Friday, February 6, 2009

Two Year Old Doctor Visit

Dr. Dan is the man!

The waiting room is full of fun stuff!

Reading the Little Golden book Dr. Dan the Bandage funny!

I got what I came for...we can leave now.

Today was my two year check-up with Dr. Dan. As always, I greeted him with a hug. It's the perfect way to say hello...and it puts me in the perfect position to steal his stethoscope. He checked me from head to toe and reported that I am the picture of health! If so, why did I need that shot that came a few minutes later????

I am 35 inches long and weigh 27 lbs (although I have to add that I did go to The Frisco for breakfast just before my weigh-in and uncharacteristically ate and ate and ate. The biscuit alone probably weighed a pound, so 26lbs. is probably more accurate!)

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