Monday, February 2, 2009

Un-Babyproofing the House

I've always wondered what's in here...
OOPS! Where's the broom?
At least I am not spilling it this time!

When I was six months old, Mommy and Daddy set out to babyproof the house. They were so serious they hired a company that specializes in just such a task. A month later, the cabinets and drawers were secured, the stairs safely gated at both the top and bottom, the plugs covered, etc...In the year and a half since then, I have shown them that I have no desire to go up or down the stairs (because I would rather be carried!). Therefore, the gates have come down. Also, all of the cabinet latches (except the ones guarding the chemicals and knives) have come off, which may have been a mistake. I may not climb the stairs, but getting in the cabinets is lots of fun!

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