Monday, June 29, 2009

Brownie Batter


Licking Batter off my Dress...Nice...

Messy Face

Tasting the Finished Product

Most of you who read my blog are in the same boat I am, but the folks in Pennsylvania and Oregon and beyond aren't, so I feel the need to tell you...IT'S REALLY, REALLY HOT here. When I ask to go swimming during the day, Mommy tells me it's too hot. If it is too hot to go swimming, it's REALLY, REALLY HOT! Instead we find things to do inside. Yesterday we made brownies, which I almost did all by myself. I poured everything in the bowl, added the egg and stirred. I, of course, got to lick the spoon and when there was nothing else on it, I proceeded to lick my dress where some batter dripped. I am not one to waste good chocolate.

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