Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cupcake Saturday

In the Foam Pit at Extreme Fun

Jake, the Birthday Boy - Party One

Carsyn, the Birthday Girl - Party Two

No Suit? No Problem!

This is what happens to a regular diaper when you go swimming!

Today, I was lucky enough to attend two birthday parties. In addition to the general fun surrounding a birthday party, they were timed perfectly for me to have a cupcake both for lunch and dinner. That's my version of an ideal day!

The first party was for my nephew (yes, that's right) Jake, who turned 6! Jake's birthdays are extra special because he was born three months early and spent about ten weeks in the hospital. Since then, he's been growing and growing and is already 6! (chocolate cupcake with blue frosting)

The next party was for our friend Carsyn, who turned 1! Watching a one-year-old dive into her cake was so much fun! There was a baby pool in the back yard, and even though I did not bring my bathing suit or have a change of clothes, I jumped right in. (red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting)

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