Monday, July 12, 2010

Not-So-Friendly Fox(es)

I posted a few days ago about an encounter I had with what I described as a cute little fox. Well, the fox has a family, and apparently they think our house is theirs (technically, I know....). They also think the sweet bunny in our yard is their food (technically, I know...). It's quite traumatic to see the fox, waltzing across the backyard with the bunny in its mouth, followed by its sibling. They are leaving us "presents" on the front and back door mats...the kind of presents that need to be handled with gloved hands and then ammonia. They quickly went from cute to pesky. Something has to be done! Mommy made lots of calls today to find someone to help. Basically, the pest control guy will come out and set up a trap. He said for every fox we get, we'll probably get four other animals such as possums or skunks (great!!!!). He will either teach us how to handle the traps and the "relocation" or he will come (for $125 each visit) to do it himself. Can you imagine Mommy or, especially, Daddy trapping animals??? It will no doubt make for very funny YouTube videos!

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Tripp said...

oh my gosh. (Sorry but yes, I'm laughing). This is what you meant by the foxes. Wow - earthworms, foxes and bunnies...oh my. Where do you live? The country?