Friday, August 6, 2010

Daddy's Calendar

I am showing Daddy all the important things I penciled in on his calendar.

Anyone who knows Daddy knows about his calendar. It's quite small, old-school and always tucked in his shirt pocket. He has a system - everything is written in pencil until the day has passed, and then he will write in ink what he did. It's not really a diary because the notes are short and sweet...just more of a record. He has done this for forty years - since he was a teenager! YOU DON'T MESS WITH DADDY'S CALENDAR...unless you are a three-year-old who finds it on his desk and can't resist the temptation. I proceeded to fill in all the empty dates with my scribbles - very neatly, all within the squares. Thank goodness I had the sense to use a pencil!

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