Thursday, September 16, 2010

First Stitches

Tonight I fell and busted open my chin. Daddy was traveling and couldn't give his opinion (although when called he said, "TAKE HER NOW!) on whether the injury warranted a trip to the emergency clinic. I ended up needing four stitches, so the right call was made. Mommy was surprisingly calm throughout the whole process, although she was internally quite upset. She is not one to get faint at the sight of blood, but it was a whole new experience for her to have it coming from ME. I was a real trooper! I walked in and up to the counter and told the ladies, "My boo-boo hurts." They put some numbing gel on it for a while before giving me the shot. It wasn't until they started the stitching that I started crying, probably because I was being held down. I kept saying, "I need you, Mommy!". Another doctor came in while this was happening and leaned over me to take a look. In true Victoria form, I immediately stopped crying, smiled and said. "HI!" and then was fine while the rest was done. Mommy and I were both happy to get home and safely tucked in our beds. Hopefully these were the first and LAST stitches!

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