Thursday, May 26, 2011

Daddy/Daughter Cake - Round 2

Counting the Eggs
Hey! Licking the bowl is MY job!
The Dynamic Duo
Two Heads are Better than One
Serious Concentration
The Finished (Prize-Winning) Project

Each year my school has a Daddy/Daughter (or son) cake decorating contest.  Last year, we made a princess crown cake, which was Daddy's first endevour (in his whole life) of baking.  This year, with all that experience under his belt, he came up with an even bigger plan - a dinosaur cake.  It had a pond, rocks, a vocano, vegetation and various dinosaurs.  It was quite impressive - not only in my opinion.  The judges also thought so, awarding us second prize!!

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Tripp said...

That's pretty awesome! Nice job!