Monday, May 30, 2011

Hyatt Lost Pines

Mommy and Me on the Slide

So tired I fell asleep at the dinner table!

Fun Times with my Friend Ali

Lunch by the Pool - COOL!

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On the Playscape

Enjoying the Outdoor Movie

Roasting Marshmallows for S'Mores

An Evening Trip to the Sand

No amount of bleach is going to get these shorts white again!

I had a week off between the spring and summer sessions, so we headed to one of our favorite spots - The Hyatt Lost Pines. We started out with a plan to go to the beach in Florida...then decided South Padre would be closer and has a really nice beach (for Texas)...then we decided it's not THAT much better than Port Aransas, which is so much closer, so we would go there...then we finally ended up talking ourselves into going thirty miles away to the "beach" next to the pool at the Lost Pines.  It's so close to home, and there's so much for a family to do. We spent hours and hours each day at the pool, followed by leisurely evenings of roaming and enjoying the grounds. We had a special treat when my friends Ali and Sam showed up at the same time.

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