Saturday, September 5, 2009

First Aggie Game 2009

Family Portrait Before the Game

Mommy packed a "bag 'o tricks" to keep me busy during the game.

Watching Warm-Up

Taking it all in...

Me and Tripp 2009
Me and Tripp 2007

Tate wearing the outfit from above - was I really that small once upon a time??

Two Peas in a Pod

Kids make for an "interesting" game-watching experience!

This evening was the first Fightin' Texas Aggie game of the season. We traveled to Aggieland with our friends Jim and Kay for the game. Given my recent behavior, Mommy was a bit concerned about how I would handle the four+ hours that we were there. There was no need to worry, though, because I did just fine. I only had one episode where I desperately tried to covince Tripp that his blue bear was really MINE. By the way, the Aggies won...let's hope the next games will have the same outcome!

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Annette said...

I can't imagine taking Meghan and Evan to see Penn State ANYTIME soon! Good for you! I just read this woman has a book for apraxic kids...mostly for non-speakers or very few words. Just wanted to share.

Sorry I haven't answered your questions about specific things to do yet...I want to post about it so I can share with others too.