Monday, September 28, 2009

Thirty-Two Months Old

Dearest Victoria Pearl,

This month was soooo much easier than last month. You are back to your normal self, mostly happy. Yeah!!!!

You started your second year at the Lab School. I continue to watch you from the observation room every chance I get. You have had more difficulty separating from me this year than last, but you don't want me far from you at any time, so it's just what you do. You calm down within a couple of minutes and always have a good day, playing, drawing, and singing. Your reaction when you see me at pick-up is priceless. You run into my arms, hold my face in your hands and then kiss it all over, and finish with a big hug and back pats. It makes me feel so loved.

You know how to work a room. You are the greeter and then the hugger. I know I should probably put some boundaries on this "hug anyone - stranger or friend" behavior, but it really is just so sweet. It demonstrates your warm, welcoming nature, and I don't want to stifle that.

You have started to use your version of PLEASE - hands together, cupped on the side of your ever-so-slightly tilted face as you say "eeez". It's so precious and makes us realize we are in trouble because we have a hard time telling you no (especially your daddy).

You are enjoying the Aggie football games again this year. When you hear The War Hymn or see the tickets on the desk or your Aggie dress, you immediately want to "go". When I explain that we have to wait a week or two, you just look deflated - shoulders hunched over as you walk away and then sit with your head in your hands (also new behavior and oh so dramatic). During the games, we are usually there 4-5 hours and you are a great little Aggie...

You are an even better daughter.

I love you,

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