Sunday, September 13, 2009

Special Blanket

Ready to come home for the first time - January 30, 2007

Looking at a photo of myself on that long ago

I'll always be Mommy's baby!

During an exploration this morning, I found this blanket. Most of the blankets I used when I was a baby, I now use for my dolls. This one; however, was not in my stash. It was tucked away in a drawer. Mommy explained that she made the blanket for me when she was pregnant with me. She lovingly and ever-so-gently wrapped me in it to take me home from the hospital. She showed me the photo of me on that day, and I insisted we reenact it. I then had fun running around the house with it draped over my shoulders and then on my head like a ghost (ALWAYS one of my favorite things to do!).