Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sewing 101

Mommy has sewn since she was a little girl. She doesn't sew anything too complicated (although she did make some window treatments that she is super proud of!), and lately it's mainly hems and such. She usually saves this activity for my nap time, so yesterday she put me down and got out all her gear. I decided not to take a nap, and when I got up, I wanted to explore all the thread, pincushions and the machine. It went from Mommy showing me how things work to her letting me sew a straight line on a piece of old fabric to the two of us making a skirt for my doll. If this is how much fun I can have during nap time, I just may not take another nap!

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The Kading Family said...

Super, super cute! Must have been something in the air yesterday and today - no nap for Max either.