Monday, February 1, 2010

Doctor's Appointment

"Playing" with the Computer

Weight Check

First Blood Pressure Check

A Sprite and a Burger after the appointment

I had my three year check-up with Dr. Dan today.  I received two shots, and for the first time ever, was quite upset by it.  I cried and stomped to the door with my back to the nurse, arms folded in front of me.  However, when the door opened and I saw Dr. Dan in the hallway, I immediately smiled, waved and gave him one last hug before leaving.  I have really grown.  I am now 39 inches tall and weigh 33 pounds, which is a 4 1/2 pound weight gain in just six months.   Contrary to the photo above, it is not due to my fast food eating habits.  I still don't like to eat and am very picky about what I eat.  Mommy was shocked when I gobbled down most of my burger today. 

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