Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Longest Four Hours of my Life

Dearest Victoria Pearl,

I knew this day would come, and I knew I wouldn't be ready for it no matter when it happened, but this was just far too early.  This morning I took you to school....not your usual preschool, but a real school.  Since you are now three, you are eligible for services through the public school system, and we want to do whatever we can to get you just what you need with your speech and general development.  You'll be attending four hours a day for the next two weeks for an evaluaution, and while I understand and accept that spending lots of time with you will provide the best evaluation, it hurt my heart to leave you there.  I have to trust this process and know that it will provide valuable information that will help us develop a plan for your future.  My head knows this, but my heart doesn't seem to understand.

I pray that God keeps you safe and happy and that I have the strength and patience to handle the next two weeks.  I also pray for the wisdom to use the information gathered to develop the best plan of action for you.

I love you,


Tripp said...

We absolutely have you all in our prayers during this difficult time and know we love you all dearly!

Annette said...

Can I tell a bad joke? Must be your labors were short!

Seriously, I totally understand. You know I do...all aspects! But for me, I put Meghan on a BUS the day after her 3rd birthday.

I cried. But only a little. Thankfully Evan keeps me very busy.