Tuesday, February 9, 2010

School Photos

Mommy did her best to make me think school would be the GREATEST.  We bought Tinkerbell lunch bags, and I helped her pack my lunch.  She talked about the classroom, schedule and new friends I would meet.  I was excited to be there...at first.  All my classmates are boys, and they don't like to play the same things I do (and they are really rough - I was greeted by being tackled!).  We had lunch in a big, noisy room with lots and lots of older kids.  Although I loved the Tinkerbell bags, I wouldn't eat a bite of my lunch and since I never eat breakfast, that meant I hadn't had one bite of food all day.  At pick-up time, some of my classmates got on the bus, and I wanted Mommy and me to take a ride on the bus also...which was one more thing in a long line of things to be upset about on my first day of school.   Thank goodness Mommy had made cookies for me to have when I got home.  Somehow cookies always make everything better.

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Annette said...


Full days, huh? How many days a week? How did mommy do?

It WILL get better! Meghan was the second girl in her class.