Sunday, April 4, 2010


As always, I love playing with others' toys.

What a good, calm kitty!

Purple? Good! Orange? Bad!

No, you may not have an egg, Scout.

I love being outside!

Playing Hide-n-Seek

After packing our annual Easter Bunny cake and some egg-shaped cake balls (a possible new annual item), Mommy and I headed to Bryan early this morning to celebrate Easter with family. My first order of business was changing into one of my cousin Anna's old dance recital outfits. It was perfect for the day since I was as bright as an Easter egg! Later, I accessorized it with some black rubber boots, which added a nice touch. At Uncle Randy's house there is lots of room to roam and play...and also lots of pets (a couple of really big dogs, three cats, a bunny, a hamster...). I was more interested in them than the Easter egg hunt, but I managed to get a few eggs. Besides, how much more candy could a girl need? Daddy didn't get to spend the day with us, but don't feel too sorry for him. He's headed to The Masters in Augusta.

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