Tuesday, April 20, 2010

San Antonio Zoo

We just got back from a fun trip to San Antonio with our friends Max and Lori. We spent the night at the Riverwalk, despite Daddy's best efforts to convince us otherwise. He was certain that I would fall in the river. Sound silly? overprotective? worry-wartish? Well, my big sister Amy DID fall in the river when she was younger, so he isn't so far off-base. I managed to stay dry and we had a nice dinner dinner before heading back to the room to get in our jammies. We spent a fair amount of time jumping on the bed before settling in to watch a video. The next morning we headed to the San Antonio Zoo, where my favorite exhibit was the butterfly tent. There were 100's of butterflies flying around - one even landed right on Mommy's shirt! What a great time we had...even if I did slip in the lily-pond at the zoo...shhh! Don't tell Daddy!

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