Thursday, December 25, 2008

Cream Gravy Christmas

I love Elmo!
I really love Elmo!
I really, really love Elmo!

A tradition held by Mommy and Daddy is having a cream gravy Christmas. The first year they were married, Mommy asked Daddy what he would like for Christmas dinner, and he said he would like chicken fried steak. They got up that morning and made a big breakfast with eggs, bacon, and biscuits with gravy and then had the chicken fried steak later in the day. It was such a hit that it became a tradition. Although I had a waffle this year, I know I will appreciate it in the future. Aunt Cindy and Uncle Chris came over (Uncle Chris hears chicken fried steak, and he comes running!) to spend the afternoon with us. We also made a quick trip to visit Tripp and his family.

It was a great day all around. I opened my presents as soon as I woke up. I received many wonderful presents, but my favorite is a talking Elmo (and I mean REALLY talking...he tells stories with animation, asks you to pick him up if he falls over, etc...). Thank you to my family and friends for making this day special!

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