Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Visit with Santa

Is that him????

I'm keeping an eye on you, Mr. Claus!

In my pretty dress

This makes my doll house look like a shack!

What do you mean I can't have the $699 doll house?

This morning, Mommy got me dressed in my Christmas finest for a visit with Santa at Barton Creek Mall. Daddy met us there and we got in line just in time to watch Santa arrive. I expected to see him on a sleigh with some reindeer, but he just strolled in from the direction of Macy's. I was excited to see him, but not too crazy about sitting on his lap. I was a trooper, though, mainly because I wanted the M&M's I was promised.

After that, Mommy and I walked around the mall before stopping at Pottery Barn Kids for some hands-on window shopping. They have the best kitchens, desks, doll accessories, doll houses, etc...I could have stayed there all day. They had so much good stuff that I wished I could have gone back to Santa to add to my wish list!

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