Monday, March 9, 2009

Future Politician??

Tonight I got to attend one of Daddy's business dinners...for about ten minutes. Daddy takes (books of) my photos to show people how I am growing, so tonight was a chance for lots of those people to see me in person. I really put on a show for the group. I was my usual friendly self, greeting people with hugs until I noticed all the hand-shaking. I decided to follow-up each hug with a hand shake also. After ten minutes, it was time for me to leave with Connie. I exited with equal enthusiasm, waving and blowing kisses to everyone. There were many politicians in the group, and they teased that I already have some of the characteristics required for that profession.

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April said...

Politician or Parade Queen? It's a toss up...ha ha. Her room looks great, by the way. I'll need your help when you come. LOVE YOU, BABY GIRL!!!!