Sunday, March 22, 2009

Reaction at the Rodeo

The Carousel

The Petting Zoo
A Fine Spring Day in Austin

Me with My Friend Chloe

I went to the Austin Rodeo last Friday with Connie and some kids from the neighborhood. I was supposed to be home around 1:30 so we could leave for our trip to Victoria (we always head out at naptime!), but instead Mommy received a call from Connie saying she had me at the EMS tent. She immediately followed with, "She's okay", but Mommy had already stopped breathing by that point. The EMT got on the phone and explained that I had a "severe, localized" reaction to some bug bites and recommended some Benadryl. Once she heard I was breathing fine, Mommy also took a breath and gave permission for me to have the medication. I arrived home about an hour later, with swollen legs, but my usual smiling face. All that aside, I had fun at the Rodeo! There was a petting zoo and even rides that were age appropriate.


Jackson said...

OMG, that is so scary!! Jackson got bit at Sweetberry Farms this fall- it was awful- and he didn't even have a 'reaction'

I'm glad your sweet girl is OK!

Celia said...

Your cousin, Sam, also has reactions to stinging bug bites.
I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.
Aunt Celia