Thursday, March 26, 2009

Twenty Six Months Old

Dearest Victoria Pearl,
Well, I think I have (almost, maybe) officially accepted that you are a little girl now. Don't get me wrong, you will ALWAYS be my baby, but I can't deny that you are growing up. Physically, you are getting stronger and braver. You are making attempts at climbing up the walls and bar ladders at the park. Socially, you are still the friendliest and most affectionate kid around. People are always amazed and usually smitten (sometimes alarmed!) by the greeting they receive from you. You never meet a stranger. You are not putting many words together verbally, but can understand all that goes on around you. We watch you take it all in, as you study something with your serious face and furrowed brow. You are doing things in your own time, which is right on target for YOU.
This month we spent a lot of time at your BaBa's house, helping her get settled after her move. Since she down-sized, you no longer have a crib there, which means you slept with me. As we climbed into bed the first night, it struck me that we had never fallen asleep side-by side. We have brought you to bed in the middle of the night many times, but you always fall asleep in your own bed. In the dark, we giggled, sang songs and snuggled. You gave me at least 100 goodnight kisses before reluctantly going to sleep. These nights have been the most special slumber parties!
I read recently that more babies were born in 2007 than any other year in history. How was I so lucky to get the cream of the crop?

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