Sunday, March 29, 2009

Roller Derby

The Derby sign is pointing one way and I am pointing the other!

Mommy and me with "Cherry Chainsaw"

Some of the Holy Rollers

Round and Round and Round They Go!

A typical outing for me is going to the park, preschool, swimming, zoo, etc...but tonight we branched out and went to the Roller Derby. Yes, Roller Derby! Today my Aunt Celia came to Austin to visit me and to go to the Roller Derby competition between the Cherry Bombs and the Holy Rollers. The daughter of a good friend of hers is "Lady Libertine" on the Holy Rollers. The rules for the teams are quite similar to rules for a two-year-old - no biting, no pushing, etc... - and if they are broken, time-outs follow. We thought it sounded like fun, so we went also. It was fun, but a bit too loud and raucous for me, so we left after only a little while. While we were there, we saw and met some interesting people! The Roller Derby is doing its part in the "Keep Austin Weird" effort! BTW- the Cherry Bombs won.

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