Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another Daddy Update

Reading our favorite book - Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Anyone who knows Daddy, knows he is quite unique. Now we have scientific proof of it! As you know, over the past couple of months, he hasn't quite been himself. It started with muscle weakness and progressed to numbness and tingling in his hands, trouble with one of his eyes, loss of balance...The initial probable diagnosis was Multiple Sclerosis, but after an MRI of his brain showed no spots, the mystery continued. More tests ensued including one that showed a spinal condition (most people with this have severe pain, but not Daddy) that needed immediate surgery. The doctors explained that the spinal condition could explain some of his symptoms, but not all of them, so the mystery continued. Now, we have received the results of the spinal tap, which shows...Multiple Sclerosis markers. It's great that he doesn't have the characteristic spots on his brain, but very atypical. Leave it to Daddy to do things differently! Now, we are exploring medication options to help minimize his current symptoms and keep new ones from developing. This has been/will continue to be a process, and Daddy has shown great patience...although he does have one hand ready to rip off the neck brace and the other hand holding his car keys...

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