Friday, May 1, 2009

Rubber Ducky

September 2007

April 2009

When I was little (hey, it's all relative), I used to take a bath in this blow-up duck. It is the perfect bridge between a baby bath and the big tub - plus when you squeeze the bill, it QUACKS! The other day, I found the duck in the closet and, after trying to blow it up myself, begged Mommy to do it. Since then, I have been dragging it around the house, filling it with miscellaneous items and insisting that it be brought in the tub with me. I no longer fit in the duck, so between the duck, my pool floatie, a tea set, two boats, 54 foam letters, three wind-up butterflies and my princess crown and mirror, there's not much room left in the tub for me.

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