Monday, August 31, 2009

Beach in a Bottle

Our Project
Looking at the Pretty Shell

Most of the sand made it in the jar.

Max Working on His Beach

Examining my Work

What an easy, breezy stroll for the two of us!
Lori and Max

Sliding - or at least considering it

King of the Rock!

Check out the cool food!

Max invited me over for some beach fun this morning! His mom had this fun art project for us to do. We layered sand, rocks, shells and plastic fish in a glass jar before pouring in water and adding blue food coloring to make a BEACH IN A BOTTLE! She also made sandwiches that were our initials, beach scene graham crackers and blue jello with (gummy) worms in it! We even managed to fit in a stroll to the park to play. Thanks, Max (and Lori), for a super fun morning!

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Yea! A picture of you, too!