Friday, August 28, 2009

Thirty One Months Old

Dearest Victoria Pearl,

Something happened when you turned two-and-a-half last month. Someone came and snatched my mostly happy girl and replaced her with one who is upset over many things...sharing, wearing clothes, taking baths (although you love them when you finally get in the tub), your leaving/someone else leaving, brushing your teeth (no surprise there!)...No worries, I love you all the same.

You are getting strongly attached to your cows (which you call "moo-moos"). You have to take them every time we leave the house. Usually you are toting the two cows, one baby and two other miscellaneous item. You load them all in your arms and then proceed to hand them to me after about two steps for me to carry. Leaving them behind; however, is not an option (see paragraph 1). Your bed is also loaded to the brim with stuffed animals, blankets, and books. I am surprised you can find room to sleep! Speaking of bed, I am so proud of how well you adjusted to your big girl bed. You are the best sleeper, and I am soooo thankful for that! You have been sleeping really late this summer - often until 9:00, so we will have to work on getting up earlier now that school is starting. Changing routines...hmmm, that can't be good for a discontent toddler!

You have definite opinions about things, like what you want to wear (usually a Disney Princess nightgown - all day). I try to give you a couple of choices for decisions during the day (water or milk?, Veggie Booty or Goldfish?), but usually the answer is just "No!". I am learning patience and persistence!

I know that not being able to communicate with those around you is difficult and makes this toddlerhood even tougher, but you are making progress all the time! We are so proud of how hard you work and celebrate each step in this journey of learning to talk. Know that no matter what the challenges you face in your life, my sweet child, I will be beside you - helping you, supporting you, pushing you, protecting you, loving you...

Hugs and kisses,

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