Sunday, August 16, 2009

Big Girl Bed

Guess who's (kind of) in a big girl bed? ME! After my nap, Mommy converted my crib to a toddler bed. It's low to the ground and has a rail, but I can climb in and out at will. That, of course, worried the parents, but I went to bed and stayed there. As Daddy just said...the night is young! Next on the list is getting rid of the binky at night (good luck!) and potty training (double good luck!).

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Annette said...

Derek and I have decided that about when Meghan turns three we'll say goodbye to the pacifier. But if she goes to preschool then, we won't do it exactly at the same time...maybe a month later?

Meghan's been in a twin bed since about 22 months...maybe 21. (We were expecting Evan.) We keep a gate at her door and love it! SHe reads lots of books in her room.