Friday, April 3, 2009

Fancy Do

It's no secret that kids act differently (usually worse) around their parents than others. Some sugar-coat this by saying it shows the children know they are loved so deeply by their parents that they can show their true selves (usually ornery). On a typical morning, Mommy gets me dressed and attempts to do my hair in a style other than my usual bow-on-the-side do. I give her a true "NO" (as opposed to the "NO" that actually means "YES") and I end up with a bow-on-the side do. This morning, Mommy left me with Connie. When Mommy got home, here's the do I was sporting - seven gathered ponytails across the top of my head, finished off with a pretty bow. Connie told Mommy I sat in her lap for ten minutes while she worked on my hair. Mommy just shook her head...

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