Monday, October 5, 2009

First Dental Appointment


Getting in a good brushing before the visit...

One of the cool toys

So far, so good...

Now, this is getting a little more complicated...
You're going to what with that?
Already practicing my flossing

Mommy decided it was time to take me to the dentist. We talked about it all weekend, and I practiced opening my mouth really wide. Dr. Sherwood's office was really neat, with toys and games galore. I made it though the initial cleaning/check with the hygienist with only a little fussing. I DID NOT like the taste of the fluoride! I got to play for a few minutes until it was time for Dr. S to take a look at my teeth and give his assessment. I did not want to get back on the table, but complied when he assured me he would only be taking a look with his eyes. I got back on the table and when he started to go toward my mouth, I said, "Eyes! Eyes! Eyes!" reminding him of the difference between EYES and HANDS! All in all, I was great and received a great report!

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