Monday, October 26, 2009

Teenage Behavior

Showing Tate the "correct" way to watch cartoons

Tripp has his own technique.

So, I finally woke up about 10:20 this morning. Mommy said she didn't think she would be uttering the phrase, "Are you just going to sleep your life away?" until I was teenager, but she was wrong. Once I got up, I continued to have a lazy day. I stayed in my nightgown (always my preference, but rarely an option) all day. When Daddy got home he said, "You are already in your nightgown." No, Daddy, STILL in my nightgown! Tripp and Tate came over for a while so their Mommy could run some errands. We played, ate lunch (as usual Tate ate hers and mine - where does she put it??) and watched some Max & Ruby. If only all the days could be like this...

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Tripp said...

Thank you for such a fun time on a rainy afternoon! We sure love spending time with you.
Love, T & T