Friday, October 30, 2009

We Have a Winner!

Witch? Monkey? Bunny? No Way!

A Lion? I wouldn't dream of it!

A Chicken? Get out of here!

I'll eat you, but not wear you!


So, Mommy's been trying to figure out the Halloween costume thing for a long while now. We received no fewer than ten costume catalogues, and although I loved looking through them, I would not pick one that I wanted to be. Mommy took me to Party City where they have posters with grids of costumes. There are so many options that you have to order by the number. Again, when Mommy asked, "Do you want to be _________ (Cinderella, a clown, a bumble bee, Tinkerbell, etc...?" I would respond (always after what appeared to be some pondering), "No!" That left Mommy with no choice but to choose for me. After much consideration (including the smart option of choosing from something in my dress-up box that I already have - a witch, a monkey, a bunny), she choose a yellow M&M, because yellow is my favorite color and I love, love, love those little round candies. When it came in the mail; however, I refused to wear it. Mommy had come to the conclusion that I might just be a Victoria Pearl for Halloween...when the most amazing thing happened. This morning Mommy just happened to stop in Old Navy where they were having a sale on their Halloween costumes. They were $2. Yes, you read that right - $2. She got me every one they had in my size (if not for Halloween, then they would be perfect for dress up box) - a butterfly, a lion and a chicken. Well, when I saw the butterfly, I knew it was the one and once I tried it on, I didn't want to take it off. I am going to be a BUTTERFLY!
Now, if anyone knows of a play where the characters include a bunny, a witch, a monkey, a lion, a chicken... we would love a copy of it!

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