Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Eight-Hour Cookies

While Mommy did get a horse-shaped cutter, she did not get horse-colored dye, so Anya had to be creative with mixing colors.

I, of course, was more interested in eating the icing than using it to decorate the cookies.

The Finished Products

Callie stopped by for a visit and got a treat!

Mommy found a horse-shaped cookie cutter (Anya LOVES horses) and decided that we should make decorated sugar cookies while Anya was here. Instead of taking any shortcuts, we made the multiple-stepped, time-consuming, but well-worth-it version. After doing it, Mommy was reminded that the $3 decorated cookies at the bakery are worth every penny. She also knows that if we had bought cookies, we would have missed the excitement, the flour explosion (quite funny) and the pride over a job well done...not to mention ours tasted better!

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