Sunday, December 27, 2009

One Month Shy of Three

Dearest Victoria Pearl,
My sweetheart, how can it be possible that I am already planning your third birthday party? Although you will always be my baby, there is no denying that you are officially a little girl.
I have always loved this time of year, but it is even more exciting with you around. I don't know how much you really understood about Christmas this year, but you definitely enjoyed unwrapping your presents and anyone else's who would let you. And, of course, you loved being around family and friends. Your hugs make people smile and as someone said, "She makes me feel special!" What a gift that is to give someone - may you always have the desire and ability to make people feel special. I know I feel special and fortunate to be your mommy.
Another reason I love this time of year is you are out of school for several weeks, so we get to spend more time together. It's a relaxed, unscheduled time and ohhhh soooo nice! I know soon enough you will be going to school every day, so I want to relish this time with you. I have to be reminded sometimes to slow down and not worry so much about the house being clean or the laundry getting done or cooking dinner, and instead just be in the moment with you. If I have learned anything in these almost three years, it is that time passes too quickly.
I love you,

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