Saturday, December 12, 2009


It was bound to happen (yes, another post started out this way recently - when I fell out of bed)...I had never, ever thrown up until early this morning. I cried out at 2:30 and when Mommy came in my room to check on me, she discovered a real mess and me saying, "Help me! Help me!" I needed a shower, which I don't like under normal circumstances, so I certainly didn't like it in the middle of the night. I proceeded to get sick every thirty minutes for the next three hours. I never seemed to feel bad and since then, I have been fine and dandy, so it was likely something I ate instead of a virus. Whatever the cause, we (and the washing machine) are pooped today. Mommy knew a night like this would eventually happen, but it was still an unexpected "surprise". Most importantly, she is just glad I feel okay.

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