Wednesday, November 26, 2008

22 Months Old

Dearest Victoria Pearl,

I melted yesterday when you nodded that you loved me and then just hugged me for what felt like an eternity. Your hugs and kisses are the sweetest things in the world and make everything worthwhile.

This month has been all about singing! When you were born, I created an extra verse to the song You are my Sunshine. As you well know, it goes:

Victoria Pearl,

You're Mommy's sweet girl

I love you more and more

Each day.

I'll help you grow

Big and strong

And be there every step of the way.

It was the first song you heard, and I still sing it to you every addition to many, many others. Your favorites are The Wheels on the Bus (with at least 15 verses - most just made-up, silly ones), The Barney Song (although you don't watch him on t.v.), the alphabet song and all the Aggie songs.

What else is going on with you? You have tried and liked several new foods this month, including turkey and dressing, chicken nuggets and sweet potatoes. You have a skip in your step as you walk and are becoming more secure with your physical abilities. You are asking for help less and less and can (finally!) climb the ladder to your slide in the yard. You are obsessed with playing in the car and have so much fun climbing from seat to seat, putting on the seat belt and pretending to drive. It's no wonder since you love pretend play. You are buying lots of groceries at the "store" and whipping up some tasty meals in your kitchen. It's so much fun to watch you! Your favorite books this month are Curious George books and photo albums. We have definitely seen you start to get upset when you don't get your way, but the instances are rare and over quickly.

Your joyous spirit lights up my life. I am so happy and fortunate to be your mommy.


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Jennifer Nelson said...

sweetest thing ever!