Monday, November 17, 2008

Play Date with Nash

Sharing a snack
The Christmas ornaments we made

Examining the produce at the "store"

Does he have what I think he has??

This morning my friend Nash came over to play. Being the only child that I am and the toddler that I am, I have been known to be protective of my toys. I; however, played and shared very well - except when he tried to take the doll stroller for a spin. Mommy let us figure it out, and after some tugging back and forth, with lots of groaning for effect, I decided to let him have it. I wish I could say I let him have it out of kindness, but the fact is he is bigger and stronger. We did some activities together - eating breakfast, shopping at the "grocery store" Mommy set up in the dining room, doing a really cool art project that Nash's Mommy sent for us to do, etc...but mostly we played next to each other. I played dress-up while he played with the hammer. I cared for my dolls while he drove the truck. Who is it that claims there is no difference between boys and girls??

It was a fun morning, and I hope Nash comes back to visit soon!

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