Friday, November 7, 2008

Who's Your Daddy?

Mommy's prized possession - her signed photo with Willie
The story I have been told is this: as they wheeled me into the nursery when I was about five minutes old, there was a collective gasp in the hallway from my family and friends. The gasp was because I looked so much like my daddy. Given that I have been told about a million times since then that I look just like my daddy, I know they were right. Paternity could (not that it ever would be) never be in question...Having said that, there is a running joke in our house. You see, Mommy loves Willie Nelson and it just so happened that after every Willie Nelson concert, Mommy would find herself expecting! Also, if the light catches my hair just right, there is a tinge of red there. To top things off, and to keep the joke running, I recently saw Willie on t.v. and guess what I said? I pointed to him and said, "Daddy!"

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