Thursday, November 20, 2008

Parent-Teacher Conference

Today Mommy attended her first parent-teacher conference. She was interested in hearing someone else's perspective on my cognitive/physical/verbal/social development and quite impressed with the teacher's detailed written report and her feedback during the meeting. Cognitively, everything was assessed to be in the normal range, with some things I do well and others I have yet to master. Physically, I am improving, although I still have some "topples without provocation". I have more confidence in my ability to climb, run, etc...and don't ming getting my hands dirty anymore. Verbally, I am trying to form words, but with not a lot of success. I do; however, understand everything said to me. The area in which I excel (no surprise here) is social development. My teacher even said I was gifted in that area (Daddy says just like my big brother, Chris). I greet each of my classmates upon their arrival with a big hello and a hug if they let me. I initiate hide-and-seek and chase. I also try to comfort them when they are sad. My teacher described me as "spirited", and Mommy thinks that's right on target!

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