Thursday, November 13, 2008

Progress Report

Many of you have asked how school is going and if Mommy is still watching me all the time. Well, school continues to be great! My teacher, Amy, sends us the plan for each week, so Mommy talks to me about what I'll be doing, the songs I'll be singing, the books I'll be reading, etc...The activities are switched each week so that we are exposed to new, interesting things to explore. I have the most fun during the last hour, which is outside time. I am proud to say I now go down the tunnel slide without fear. We help water some vegetables (while we try really hard to not step on them!) the older kids planted. As much fun as I have, I start getting tired and am ready to see Mommy after a couple of hours. Mommy is usually the first one to arrive (because, yes, she is usually right there...hovering, peeking, hanging around, watching...), and I run to her open arms. I haven't told her that I love her with words yet, but I communicate it at times like those.

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Jennifer Nelson said...

don't worry she will start talking soon and then you will miss the times when she didn't