Wednesday, January 7, 2009

First Real Injury

Vaughan and Nash going down the slide.

I was their cheerleader.

Don't let them fool you - they are MEAN!

Feeding the Ducks

The boys are keeping watch so they don't get goosed!

Today started off really well. I had swimming for the first time in three weeks, and I always have fun there. Then, after donuts with my friends Tripp and Gaby, I met up with my friends Nash and Vaughan at Zilker Park. We played on the playground, fed the ducks and geese (On a sidenote - Geese are mean, so watch out if you ever get near one!) and ate lunch at Flip Happy Crepes (which is one of the cool little eateries in South Austin run out of an Air Stream trailer - they were featured on the Food Channel in a throw-down with Bobby Flay). Anyway, at the very end of our time together, Mommy noticed that I was holding my arm, but assumed I had just hit myself with the big stick I was wielding in the direction of Nash. When we got home, I continued to either hold my arm or let it hand limp at my side. Mommy rushed me to see Dr. Terwelp, who diagnosed me with "Nursemaid's" elbow., which means my elbow popped out of place. He proceeded to pop it back into place, and I was fine! Mommy is not sure how it happened, but she feels guilty all the same.

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Angie Holt said...

Ohhh, nursemaid's elbow! Ouch! I had that once. But it was my mom's fault for pulling on my arm when I started running towards the street. She likes to say it was my fault b/c once she grabbed me I lifted my feet off the ground in protest. I wanted to keep running, you see? Anyway, my daddy, the pediatrician came to the rescue but mom was super scared! She blogged about it on Oct 6th. Feels great once it's fixed, don't ya think??
Your friend, Gaby

PS- Can't wait for donuts next week:)