Monday, January 26, 2009

Today I Turned TWO!

My New Princess Crown

I love Fancy Nancy!

Tea with Tripp

One Down - One to Go


This morning I was greeted by Mommy (wielding the video camera) and Daddy singing Happy Birthday. After breakfast, Tripp came over for a play date. After playing at our house, we had lunch and played at Chuck E. Cheese's. Since the weather was lousy, I just stayed in the rest of the day and played with my birthday toys in my new (still in progress) playroom. I got my favorite dinner (mac-n-cheese, of course) and got to blow out candles again on a piece of my cake. I shouldn't say "again" because I really didn't get to do it at my party yesterday. Daddy reached his head over my shoulder and blew them out for me. He was attempting to help, but I didn't even get a chance! I had been practicing for a good month, and I didn't even get to show off my new skill. Tonight; however, they were all mine. After a birthday bubble bath, I fell fast asleep. I need my energy to gear up for the ornery year I have ahead...he he!!!!

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Jackson said...

Awww, happy birthday, Sweet Victoria!