Saturday, January 17, 2009

Victoria Had a Little Lamb

Animals, you can't hide from me!

The Grand Champion Steer

An auction is loud, especially when you stand right next to the stage.

Daddy, let's bid on the lamb!

Here we are with the Grand Champion lamb - isn't it cute?

Today we went to the Guadalupe County Youth Livestock (Baked Goods & Crafts, too) Auction in Seguin. Guadalupe County is one of Daddy's clients so he goes to buy something in support of the youngsters there. The first year he went, he bought the grand champion baked good, which was a Pecan Pie Cake. He LOVED the cake, so luckily he got the recipe as part of the bargain (is $2100 a bargain?...yes, if it helped send that nice girl to A&M). This is no easy cake to make - The recipe came on nine 3x5 note cards! Since it is so labor intensive, Mommy makes it for Daddy only on very special occasions. Since then, Daddy has bought more baked goods (surprise! surprise!), some chickens, a lamb...
This was my first time, and I was super excited about seeing the animals. They are kept behind some curtains before they are brought into the pen for auction. When the auction started, I marched right up in the middle of it all and stuck my head in the pen to see the grand champion steer up close and personal. Mommy wouldn't let me do that again, but we did stay close enough to see the pig and lamb, which Daddy bid on and WON! We didn't really get to take the lamb home with us (shucks!). Instead, we donated it back so the young man could take it to the San Antonio Livestock Show in a month. Although we didn't leave with a new pet (Mary thought a lamb made a good pet - there's a song about it!), we did get a nice gift basket and cap, which I have worn most of the day.

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