Monday, January 19, 2009

Sweet Carsyn

Sweet Carsyn

Look at those blue eyes!

Hooray for DING DONGS!

I always find the hats when I visit people's homes.

My Birthday Balloon

Today we went to Copperas Cove to visit our friend Carsyn (and her family, too-Her grandma Judy is one of Daddy's best friends). Carsyn is seven months old and oh so cute and sweet. She sits up and kicks her legs with delight because she is such a happy girl. I enjoyed seeing her and playing with her cool toys. Why are toys so much more fun at someone else's house? Also, I ate my first cream-filled DING DONG (thanks, Gaelynn), which was delicious. They all gave me a Happy Birthday balloon, which was the perfect start to my birthday week. Yes, Mommy, no matter how much denial you're in, I will be turning 2 in a week.

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